Why Your Child

At Belle Vue Eco-Smart Tech International School, we take pride in becoming the first Eco-Tech International School in Africa.

Should Enroll

Our education system based on the Malaysia Cambridge education system with the combination of Liberia and Africa cultural subject.

With Our School?

We added the Ecological subject to the school curriculum because we believe that our young students need to learn why it is essential to love and care for mother earth.

Perfect Education

Our teachers and staffs dedicated to teaching your child with love and care, and eager to guide the students to learn from everything they can see, touch & smell. Learning from the environment is as important as learning from the textbook.


HI-TECH CLASSROOM – Almost all of the classroom equipped with an interactive smart board, and all classes are provided with air-conditioned and whiteboard to assure the students comfortable learning environment.


Our computer lab is available for the students to learn & explore the technological world within a click of the finger. We are also looking into the future whereby, we plan to introduce the robotic subject to be available for students soon.


ECO-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT – Part of the school curriculum is ECO subject, which will expose students with information and knowledge on how to care for mother earth, and what can be done to protect it for the future generation.

Belle Vue Eco-Smart Tech International School (BVIS) is the first and only Eco-Smart Technological International School in Liberia and West Africa as a whole.
The School aimed to fulfil below essential goals in everything we do:

  • To guide students to learn from various sources outside the classroom.

  • To encourage students to be kind towards one another, and to understand that having good character is more important than academic achievement.

  • To care for the parents ideas, opinion and contribution towards the schools and the students achievement as a whole.

  • To take priority over our teachers, staffs and community in the school in regards to their opinion & advise because without them there will be no school, to begin.

  • To encourage our Teachers to be creative in their teaching methods, and to utilise the smart board learning by asking the students to participate so that they can experience it by themselves too.

  • To LOVE, CARE, and RESPECT our students, and encourage them always to be free to ask, to express their thought and understanding, to communicate, not to be afraid to experiment and to think outside the box in each and everything that they learn in the school.